Cool Breeze the CD
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We must confess -- Turquoise waters speak to our hearts here at Planet9 will stir the Caribbean soul in you too. Nominated best new artist in the 2002 National Smooth Jazz Awards, the Florida-based band is a group of accomplished players....Cool Breeze is certainly a refreshing, lively approach to a genre that has been guilty of over playing the same ol’ stuff. is big on Pieds Contentos, Takeoff and Mona’s Smile.

Sandi Shore, Publisher

I discovered that the jazz in the Sunshine state sizzles like their summer afternoons, thanks to an ensemble out of Melbourne. Planet9 brings some very special heat of their own, generated by their melodic and appealing debut CD Cool Breeze. It brings to the table a vast array of styles ranging form Latin to contemporary with beautiful ballads or straight grooves....My personal favorites are Aguaford, Nylon Mambo, Last Light of Day, and the title track Cool Breeze.

A. Khalis Pride, President
The Jazz Nation, December 2001

"It's refreshing to hear musicians of this caliber on Planet9 's "Cool Breeze". Planet9 has got the chops and hooks galore. I'm digging it. For the record I like #2, #4 and #9."

Todd Kennedy
Program Director - WFIT-FM
Melbourne, Florida

"A slice of Caribbean flavor with a twisty of smooth jazz. Refreshingly enjoyable"

Roland Guilarte
Brevard Jazz Series

Smooth Jazz With Depth and Emotion - These guys swing smoothly and sound great on first hearing. Subsequent listenings reveal the depth and complexity of the tunes and playing. This band is composed of musicians who have "been there and done that" and are now on the next level. The playing is assured and inventive , loaded with melody and just plain musical. Songs and riffs just stick in my memory and surface now and then with familiar pleasure. The rhythm is always crisp and flowing without being intrusive. I especially liked the long inventive sax lines by Charlie Dechant and the guitar playing by Drew Bentley. Actually, all the playing was fine and fit together so well. Instrumentals,highly recommended by a music fan who is usually into vocals.

rockncabby from SF
Posted on, March 13, 2002

Really Old School - On that note, I'd like to introduce Planet9, possibly Orlando's oldest active band....Thanks to a stellar debut -- 2001's "Cool Breeze" (on Plan 9 Partners) -- the all-star contemporary-jazz ensemble has been nominated as "Best New Artist" in the "2002 National Smooth Jazz Awards." Included in the Plan is drummer Charlie Morgan (who played with Elton John), sax man Charlie DeChant (Hall & Oates), bassist Larry Jacoby (Pat Benatar) and trumpet player Steve Walters (Aretha Franklin, Four Tops).

Mark Padgett - TBA Columnist
OrlandoWeekly, May 30, 2002

GO BUY IT.! - For any of you that have NOT purchased this cd, please go buy it. Its incredible. Not only did we have the honor of putting the final touches on it (Mastering) at Masterfonics, I had the honor of hearing it when it was finished and its the best cd I've heard in ages.

Andi Miller
VP/Divison Mgr Masterfonics Mastering
Emerald Entertainment Group Nashville TN

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Pieds Contentos - This little number also known as the "woo-woo" song features a hot alto sax solo by saxman Charlie DeChant toward the end of the piece.
Aguaford - This song is based on a melody and arrangement from over 20 years ago, when the author first discovered instrumental jazz (remember David Sanborn's "Voyeur"? - check it out).
Nylon Mambo - Drew wanted to do a mambo - so we wrote a mambo. Check out the horns in the middle of the song. Nice piano break too!
Take Off - its an uptempo groove with a sentimental middle.... Drew's nylon guitar solo is really nice.
Amy & Bill Gifford
Husband & wife team Amy & Bill "Giff" Gifford sharing the stage!

Vie De La Rue - what do you get when you combine a "Sade" style drum groove with nylon guitar melodies, and klezmer-like saxelo?!?
Last Light Of Day - can you say "film score"? Check out Charlie DeChant's tenor solo (yes, that's a tenor) in the bridge. Features really nice guitar work by Drew.
Cool Breeze - thanks to Steve Skinner for some great melodies on this one. Check out the Charlies' sax and drum solos, respectively.
Groova Originale - this was the first song written for this project, hence the title. You've gotta love the flugelhorn solos throughout!!
Mona's Smile - the original version of this swung, and was written for an activities section of a famous children's show... It just needed to find it's latin roots.


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