Rearview - Coming May 11th, 2004
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Released on May 11, 2004, REARVIEW is the highly anticipated new release from Planet9 that the Associated Press calls "Dynamic and Unique". A slight departure from it's previous two CDs, "Rearview" is a collection of cover songs that we all know and love from the 60's, 70's, and 80's - many of which will feature guest appearances by the ORIGINAL artists singing the new arrangments of their song. As always, the songs have that Planet9 twist that you've come to expect from us, and that R&R calls "dazzling". We hope you enjoy these edited samples.

"Rearview, the latest Planet9 release, is pure entertainment. This is authentic feel good music ... thanks for making me smile."

ABYSSJazz Magazine
June 2004

"Planet9 scores with Rearview!"

L.A. Times
June 2004

"[Rearview is] Dazzling!"

Radio and Records Magazine
May 2004

"[Rearview] is dynamic and unique"

Associated Press
May 2004

"Planet9 is a great band [with] a lot of great musicians who work well together. And the song selection for the album was also great. I know, far too many “greats” in this paragraph. But that's because I really think that Planet9 is a great band and Rearview is a great album as well. The jazz[y] treatments of classic songs from the past three decades are a definite improvement over the typical styling that they may have gotten in the past."

Bruce E Von Stiers
(read the full review at
May 2004

"It's such a good idea. To record an album of songs that we grew up with, fresh ‘em up a bit, jazz ‘em up a bit and recruit the original singers for several of the tunes on REARVIEW...Dave Jenkins for the Pablo Cruise hit, “Whatcha Gonna Do?” and Larry Hoppens for the Orleans’ smash, “Dance With Me”. REARVIEW is a very clever homage with a jazz filter. Way to go Planet9!"

Sandy Shore, President
April 2004

"Not only is the standard of musicianship [on Rearview] stunning, but their treament of familiar songs is fresh and infused with a sense of humour which must be very infectious when Planet9 appear on stage...I’m going to describe this as “grown up smooth jazz” [featuring] a group of guys with a vast collective musical experience and real instrumentation."

Chris Mann
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April 2004

"Rear View" is adventurous and I like that. Just like the Christmas CD, "Rear View" touches all musical nerves at one point or another in listening. To categorize this would be a hindrance for the group and for radio in general.
"What'cha Gonna Do" is my favorite and I REALLY, REALLY love the bass keeps the song jumpin'! Because it is my favorite and I am more adventurous musically, I'd establish this song and promote it a bit while your first single is give people more time to know Planet9...then spring that one on them.

Mike Eiland
ClearChannel Communications
September 2003

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Dance With Me - features singer Larry Hoppen on his signature hit with the 70's pop group "Orleans". The Planet9 twist is a slightly smokey R&B groove with a searing tenor sax solo from Charlie DeChant.
Fantasy - A groovin' reinterpretation of the Earth Wind & Fire classic!
What You Gonna Do - A totally funky version of the classic Pablo Cruise song featuring the original lead vocalist Dave Jenkins. The original signature guitar line is replaced by the Planet9 horns in this version which had a two months stay including 2 weeks at #5 on the Adult Contemporary Charts in September 2004, and ended up at #49 for the year.

John & Lane sharing a moment in the spotlight

FM - the Steely Dan hit from the movie of the same name is reinterpreted here by Planet9 and features a fabulous piano solo in the bridge by Lane Hoppen (yes, he's Larry's brother), and funky bass throughout from Giff.
Gilligan's Island - it wouldn't be a Planet9 release without a bit of humor and musical fun. Our version of the TV theme song is a smokin' samba that pays total respect to the song, so "sit right back, and you'll hear a tale..."
Blinded By The Light - featuring a guest appearance from Rick Melvern of Universal's "Legends of Motown" singing the Bruce Springsteen penned hit!
No Reply - A respectful, yet groovy look at the Beatles classic with another great solo from pianist Lane Hoppen.
Rearview - One of two original songs written for this CD, the title track is a reflective look back - and features a soulful sax solo from Charlie DeChant.
She's Not There - a spirited romp through the Zombie's classic from the 60's!
Superfriction - it's a wah-wah guitar festival in this original ode to the funky efforts of James Brown, Tower of Power, and the like. Features a guest appearance on the wah-wah solo from Tommy Calton, guitarist for the MCA group "Hotel".
Too Hot - the great song by Kool & The Gang receives a funky version here by Planet9.
You'll Never Find - Lou Rawls fabulous hit is recreated here by Plan9 and features a great solo by Charlie DeChant, and the agressive drums of Charlie Morgan.

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